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Hair removal has been part of cosmetology for a long time. Whereas some methods of hair removal have been around for a long time, others continue to emerge and develop as technology develops.

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a hair removal method that works by directing light from a laser through the hair pigment. The light converts to heat which in turn damages the hair follicles and the hair bulb.

IPL has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Before that, most people were used to waxing, which is also considered equally effective.

Is IPL better than waxing? Let’s explore the two methods in the discussion that follows.

Hair Removal

Preparation: Grow the hair for a few weeks

IPL hair removal is considered a permanent removal method because one can expect extended periods of no growth between sessions. In preparation for IPL hair removal, a client is expected not to wax or pluck the hair for at least six weeks. IPL works better on hair that has grown for around six weeks. At that height, the hair has well-formed follicles to allow a more efficient procedure. Right before the procedure, hair is trimmed a little, cold gel applied to protect the outer most skin then the laser equipment is set according to the thickness and location of the hair.

Duration: IPL Process is faster

Time taken for the IPL process depends primarily on factors such as equipment being used and the size of the area being treated. Time may range from less than a minute for small areas, whereas large areas such as the legs can take up to one hour. Just like waxing, tools, area and the client response to process determines the time is taken.

This notwithstanding, the most important thing is to carry out a flawless process that leaves the client happy and satisfied. If you pick the right professional for laser hair removal Brisbane region, you will save on much needed time.

IPL Benefit Perks

With IPL, it has its own benefits that can help one enjoy the perks of being hair free and stress-free. It works better with clients seeking permanent hair removal and a patient can achieve long term hair removal, unlike waxing which is temporary and requires regular maintenance. IPL causes no damage to the dermis, so even the most sensitive skin can be treated.

Ever missed a spot when waxing? IPL hair removal is more effective in reaching out to areas left with annoying hairs and unwanted fuzz hence takes the stress and mess out of waxing by booking a more efficient IPL treatment.

IPL treatment will also save you a lot of time because it will leave you with longer-lasting results without having to find time to shave when you have a busy, hectic and demanding lifestyle.


Before undertaking IPL Hair Removal it would be vital to know whether it’s suitable. Some conditions may be made significantly worse and action needs to be taken prior to the start of the treatment. These include skin conditions such as vitiligo, medical conditions such as herpes and epilepsy, recent sun exposure, sunburns, and photosensitizing medication.

It may Cause Some Temporary Discomfort

The most noticeable effects after the IPL Hair removal are skin irritation; temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling, pigment changes; may darken or lighten the affected skin which is usually temporary and the skin feeling sunburned.

These effects are also noticeable with waxing which makes the skin get red after the procedure which is a normal reaction. It is advisable to use cold compresses to relieve the redness which would help reduce the redness.

Body Areas

For both IPL hair removal and waxing can be done on any body area but experts believe IPL is best not applied in the eyebrows to avoid damage to the eyes.

In addition, a client may choose which parts of the body would best give the desired result when the IPL method is used.

Skin Type

Light skin with dark is deemed more suitable for the IPL technique. However, laser treatments are now more advanced meaning a specialist can choose the type of laser light that will be most suitable for your skin color and type. Unlike waxing, where any skin type can benefit from it.


Costs vary depending on factors such as the machine in use, size of the area being treated and time required for treatment, number of treatments required, whether a doctor or someone else is performing the procedure, other attached cosmetology services.

It might also depend on the location where services are being offered.


Unwanted hair growth remains a therapeutic challenge and there is considerable need for an effective and safe treatment approach. Since IPL is now offered widely in many parts of the world, it is advisable that clients seek information before engaging a professional. Ensure that you dig information around all elements of the exercise including costs and possible side effects.

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