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Pregnant Massage

There is nothing incredible than a soothing massage that will help you rub away those stresses and pains associated with pregnancy. If you have ever had a massage session from a professional mobile therapist you can confirm that the body feels so much better afterward. That great feeling you had is going to be the same even when you receive a prenatal massage, nothing changes! The prenatal massage actually feels extra wonderful when that extra weight changes to posture and relieves the pain. To understand what to expect from a pregnant massage, here is what you need to know about.

Are prenatal massages safe?

Maternal massages are safe after your first trimester but you will need to inform your practitioner and it will be very wise to let the massage therapist know that you are pregnant. During the first 3 months of your pregnancy, you might want to avoid massage because you may find yourself feeling dizziness and it can also trigger the morning sickness to escalate to higher levels.

Despite what you may have heard, there is nothing during a massage session that will disrupt your pregnancy and there is actually no scientific proof that proves different types of massage can have any negative impact on a mother to be. Some massage therapist will deliberately avoid some pressure points like the ankle bone or heel thinking that they will trigger contraction but evidence proves that nothing a massage to those areas can do to your pregnancy.

It will be a good idea to avoid being massaged on your tummy since the pressure might make you feel uncomfortable. If you are on your fourth month and beyond on your pregnancy, it will be a wise idea if you don’t lie on your back during the massage session. The weight of the baby plus the uterus might compress your blood vessels which will reduce blood circulation to the placenta which will, in turn, create complications that no massage can cure.

It is also very wise to find a therapist who is at least experienced on prenatal massage, not like there is any certification but you can ask for the one with some experience when you arrive. Getting a massage therapy from an expert who knows exactly where to touch and when to touch as well as the amount of pressure to be applied in order to relieve certain pain, will give an experience that will make you want to go back again and again.

It is also very wise to check with your practitioner before receiving prenatal massage more especially if you are suffering from conditions such as preeclampsia, fever, high blood pressure, serious morning sickness, abdominal pain or bleeding as well as a contagious virus because a massage when you are pregnant can escalate the symptoms of the conditions.

Benefits of prenatal massage.

Different studies have found that prenatal massage has a wide range of benefits for both the mother and the baby. The benefits of prenatal massage are physical, psychological and emotional. Some of the benefits of prenatal massage include:

· Prenatal massage will alleviate stress on weight-bearing joints as well as muscular-fascial structures.

· A prenatal massage will act as a remedy to most of the discomforts that are associated with pregnancies such as upper back pain, lower back pain, leg cramps, tension, sciatica, muscular discomforts, and knots. It will also reduce fatigue, reflux, varicose veins, shortness of breath and nasal congestion among other problems associated with pregnancies.

· A prenatal massage will also improve the blood circulation in your body which will increase the supply of oxygen to both the mother and the fetus as well as stimulate the lymph system which in turn increases immunity as well as the removal of toxins.

· The prenatal massage will stabilize the hormonal levels in your body which helps reduce anxiety and depression that is usually caused by hormonal changes when you are pregnant.

· A pregnancy massage will soothe and relax the nervous system and it does this by releasing endorphins in your body. When endorphins are released in your body they make you feel relaxed and at ease. This will even improve your sleeping habits and after the massage session, you can be sure of having a good sound sleep.

· A massage therapy, while you are pregnant, helps maintain a good posture as well as adjusting the changing alignment that is normally caused by the increased weight of the baby. The massage will enhance the flexibility and muscle tone which will, in turn, increase the ability to carry this extra weight.

· The prenatal massage will reduce the load on your heart since it increases the circulation of blood which will help keep the blood pressure in check.

· A massage session, while you are pregnant, will prepare you for an easier natural delivery.

· Prenatal massage is a perfect replacement for medications to reduce pain associated with pregnancy. It is safe and it does not pose any threat to your baby unlike taking medications for pain.

· Prenatal massage also provides you with emotional support and nurturing touch which is provided by the nonsexual touch provided by the massage therapist.

How does prenatal massage differ from regular massage?

Prenatal massage is usually adapted to meet up the anatomical changes that you go through while you are pregnant. For example in the regular massage, you might spend half of the time lying on your stomach but when it comes to prenatal that will not be the case since it will be uncomfortable because of the baby bump.

A professional massage therapist will advise you on how to lay down safely so as to provide a room for your breasts and your belly. The massage therapist will also be very gentle while providing the massage so don’t expect deep tissue massage on your legs when you are pregnant. The touch is magical and the feeling is heavenly.

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