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Even though we spend a lot of time and money on taking care of our hair, skin, and clothes every year, yet when it comes to eye health are we getting it right? Taking care of your eyes is about more than wearing glasses to read, or grabbing the first pair of sunglasses you like to avoid squinting!

Getting the right sunglasses is really important so you can take the best care of your eyes as possible, but choosing the best pair can be a challenge. This is, even more, the case when looking for an item which is as much about fashion as safety, like steampunk sunglasses around. So if you need some guidance to help you pick out a pair which is both stylish and safe take a look at these tips on what to look for.

Sunglasses for Your Eye Health

Look for high UV protection

It’s natural to want to look the part, but don’t be tempted to go for round Steampunk sunglasses that can’t adequately protect your eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Decent glasses will block between 99 – 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation.

Typical eye issues that result from overexposure to UV rays include cataracts. These cause cloudy and blurred vision, and a fifth of all cases could have been avoided with the right sunglasses. Other conditions triggered by too much UV exposure can cause loss of central vision and blindness.

Be wary of sunglasses with dark or polarized lenses

These are both common looks in the Steampunk eyeglasses world, and they definitely add an extra edge to your overall look, but neither automatically blocks that damaging UV. In fact, an almost black lens without UV protection could actually damage your eyes more than regular non-UV sunglasses because they cause your pupils to open wider and let in more light. Polarized lenses may seem helpful as they reduce glare, but again without the right protection, they expose you to serious eye problems.

Make sure they fit right

Properly fitting sunglasses should line up with your brow, and not sit too high on the face. By properly covering the eyes you get full UV protection.

Help your eyes avoid wind

Even when it’s warm the wind can dry your eyes, but the biggest benefit to wearing the right sunglasses is how much you reduce exposing your eyes to airborne allergens and tiny foreign bodies such as dirt and sand. Steampunk styles often have an extra side piece which really helps avoid these problems.

Beware of eye fatigue

It’s reasonable to want to wear your Steampunk glasses while indoors at some point, after all, they are a key part of your overall look, and doing that won’t actually damage your eyes; what it can do though is cause eye strain. Avoid this by choosing a cool round pair with a flip-up lens option.

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