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A cerebrovascular accident can alter a person’s quality of life. People who have suffered one normally do not regain their original body functioning. This is because the death of some brain cells due to the lack of oxygen during the accident can prevent brain signals from reaching their intended destination.

The most severe cases of CVA or stroke can render a person completely immobile. Therefore, ‘round the clock care is required for them, not only to prolong their life but also to prevent additional physical suffering.

Typically, family members take on the role of primary care provider for the one whose mobility has been compromised by a CVA. However, given the level of attention and expertise required by the physical condition of the patient, more and more families are entrusting the responsibility of ‘round the clock care to professional home nursing services.


Benefits of Using a Home Nursing Service for CVA Patient Care

Hiring a home nursing service is the best option for stroke patients. It is a more affordable and convenient arrangement that normally results in the faster recovery of or the maintenance of good health for the patient. The other advantages of this service are:

• A level of expert care that aligns with the doctor’s instructions

This is able to prevent everything from bed ulcers to infections, accumulation of secretions in vital organs, and other complications that can lead to a heart attack.

• Physical comfort for the patient whether immobile or necessitating movement

A home nurse knows how to administer the correct techniques in dressing up patients, giving them a bath in bed, changing the bed sheets even with the patient still in bed, and other important tasks.

• Routine targeting of all the health and recovery goals of the patient

A home nursing service makes sure that all the activities that can benefit the health of the patient are performed on time. These include meals, baths, provision of medicine and health supplements (which are important in keeping the patient adequately nourished, especially if he or she has difficulty keeping food down), exercise, and even recreation.

• Immediate and appropriate care during emergency situations

Home nurses can attend to emergencies and keep the patient’s condition stable until the arrival of paramedics.

• Record-keeping of the patient’s daily condition

A professional home nurse will keep tabs on the patient’s physical status and daily regimen. This ensures check-ups with the doctor are as thorough as possible since the physician is apprised of any developments or problems that may arise.

Additionally, home nursing service packages sometimes come with a therapy service. The provider sends a physical therapist to assist the nurse in preventing muscle atrophy, especially if there’s a big chance that the patient can regain some mobility. On top of that, the therapist also provides massages to increase physical comfort.

Going Above and Beyond

It is quite common for home nurses to do more than what they are paid to do. Over time, they start feeling like members of the family, and what they have to say regarding the patient is considered important.

Home nurses demonstrate patience that even the most loving family members can struggle to provide at times. That is not because they are paid to do what they do but because they have the training and a deep understanding of what the patient is going through.

Likewise, they continue to study ways on how to further improve the condition of the person left to their care. They also keep their eyes open for innovative products on the market that may be helpful to their patient.

They are even known to the study the environmental factors that can help increase the patient’s comfort. Home nurses recommended deep cleaning services using only environmentally safe products to control allergens and harmful bacteria in the house that may aggravate the patient’s condition.

Most CVA patients are dependent on all aspects of daily living; thus, they require only expert care to maintain their health. This is a huge responsibility that is quite difficult to bear for their family. 

Thankfully, home nursing services are available. With their help, families can have the peace of the mind that the recovery or health of their sick loved one is properly taken care of. 


Ibrahim Khader founded Angels of Medical Care in 2010. The name "Angels" was chosen because of his belief that nurses are angels of healing and care with the blessings of the creator. The company has flourished and is now one of the best, most renowned home care companies in Dubai.

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