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Keeping your baby safe is no easy task, there seem to be hazards everywhere you look! Many times what makes life simple for us as adults can be quite dangerous to us as babies. Here are some situations that may pose a risk to babies and how to deal with them:

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Baby Safety

1.) Falling

Falls are especially dangerous to the little ones as their bodies are not yet as robust as ours. To keep your baby safe always make sure that you place them in an area where the risk of them falling is as little as possible. When laying your baby down for a nap, place some cushions around him or her to prevent them from rolling from the bed accidentally. It is also good to ensure that they have a soft landing, should they fall. You can do this by placing some cushions on the floor in front of your couch or other is that poses a falling risk. The best way to prevent falls is to make sure your baby is not unattended when there is a possibility of falling.

2.) Burns

The best way to prevent burns is to restrict access to appliances or materials that can burn your baby. Things like heaters, stoves, and kettles all pose a risk to the little ones and they should be kept away from these appliances as far as possible. Remember to always test the temperature of milk formula by squirting a little bit on your hand before feeding your baby. The formula should always be like warm and never hot to the touch. Solid foods can also be tested in this way before feeding your baby. When bath time comes around you can also make sure to check the water temperature before placing your baby in the tub.

3.) Baby Bath

Bath time can be a challenge for very young babies as there is a risk of drowning and/or burn if the water temperature is too high. Always be sure to check the water temperature before placing your baby in the bath to eliminate the risk of burns. When bathing your baby make sure to keep their head above water at all times and never leave any baby unattended in the baby tub, not even for a few seconds.

4.) Baby Proofing

Baby proofing your house is very important. Preventing access to electrical outlets and cupboards is important. Also, remember to secure your stairs with a baby gate if necessary. Areas like swimming pools should also be fenced in to prevent accidental drownings.

5.) Baby Potty

When the time comes to potty train your little one, never leave them unattended in the bathroom as there is a risk of drowning. Also be sure to teach them how to use equipment properly to minimize risks. Although it can seem like a daunting task to keep your baby safe and out of harm’s way, it can be achieved. Just be sure to minimize any possible hazards by following the above tips and your baby will navigate their way through the dangers of the house with ease!

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