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Small Dog Breed’s Diet

So, that’s it, you took the leap of faith and realized your dream: being the proud owner of a small dog. Sure, small dogs make for cute (though sometimes noisy) companions, and you are very excited to show your little friend his new home. But first, you have to ask yourself one important question: what should I feed my new pet?

You should know that small dog breeds are completely different from bigger ones when it comes to nutritional needs. Feeding a Great Dane is not the same as feeding a Corgi or a Pekingese, so make sure to follow our instructions if you want your Toy breed dog(yes, this is actually what they’re called)to be healthy, alive, and kicking.

First, know your dog’s nutritional needs

Just like big dogs, Toy breed dogs need water, of course. But also, proteins, which can be found in meats, eggs, and surprisingly, in a lot of fruits and vegetables! You should make sure that your small dog gets enough fats, but not too much since it’s not good for his little body. A diet with food providing 2 to 3% of Omega-6 is, for example, perfect for a Toy breed dog.

For more extensive information about all of your small dog’s nutritional needs, take a look at this list, you’re going to thank us later!

You might not think about it much, but kibble size is actually important

Like a lot of dog owners out there, you might be thinking about feeding your dog dry kibble. But, a lot of dog food companies don’t actually give off the most important information on their bags: kibble size. You see, for example, a Maltipoo(which is, honestly, the cutest dog ever!) has a smaller mouth than, let’s say, an English Shepherd. Logically, this means that they can’t eat same-sized dry kibble, as your small dog would not be able to chew it, or would choke on it, which is never a good outcome when trying to eat!

So, if you buy a bag of dry kibble bits and find out they are too big for your little dog, here’s an easy solution: soak the food in a bit of hot water then simply mash it, like you would a potato. Sure, it wouldn’t look as appealing as it used to, but dogs don’t really care about food presentation.

Pick the right ingredients

…and this is especially important when it comes to proteins. Sure, dogs can get their proteins from plant sources, but they should be able to acquire a higher percentage of it from meat sources. As you already know, the more expensive your Toy breed dog’s food is, the higher the quality. So, don’t hesitate, if you have the means, of course, to buy your dog the best, most nutritious food.

Also, note that a lot of small breeds have issues with food allergies. This means that the best protein to feed them would be venison, which is found in red meat, fish, and chicken. A lot of dog food brands (such as Cesar) use venison as their main protein, but still, make sure to shop around! And if you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian.

Give weight control its importance

Sure, a fat puppy is always cute, but he’s not healthy. You want your Toy breed dog to be in full health, which means you will have to watch his diet since small dog breeds are more prone to obesity. You can purchase special dog food that has reduced amount of fat and calories, which is the best option for your small, four-legged best friend. Also, make sure to purchase food that has the higher amount of zinc and fatty acid in it, since it is perfect for your dog’s coat and skin.

Remember, small dogs are picky eaters

Just like children, Toy breed dogs are picky when it comes to whatever food you’re putting in front of them. One day they’ll eat it, the other, they’ll just smell it and turn around, without giving it a second thought. So, if you want to fulfill your dog’s nutritional needs but don’t know how to trick him, use a dog food formula that is high in animal proteins. Not only will they enjoy the taste thoroughly, they’ll also be healthier, without having to eat much!

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