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Opinion is divided on exactly how bad smoking weed is for your general health. Serious supporters will argue all the good points, using the pain relief, relaxation, calming effects of pot, while their opponents see weed as a gateway drug likely to lead on to cocaine, crack or heroin use, the misery of addiction and both the short and term negative effects it has on the human body.

There is plenty of evidence on both sides, and comprehensive studies showing that a reliance on, or addiction to, weed does pose the risk of serious consequences for both your physical and emotional health, as well as for life in general.

What weed does to your body

Marijuana contains THC, a ‘feel good’ compound which is fast acting as it gets into all the major organs and nervous system quite rapidly, before making a nest in your immune system too. Smoking weed makes your heart work harder, sometimes doubling the times it beats per minute for a few hours after inhaling it; increasing your chance of having a heart attack quite drastically. It can also cause a drop in blood pressure, while also speeding up the rate you bleed if you had some kind of accident.

What weed does to your mind and mood

Most people use marijuana because the high makes them feel happy, relaxed, or detached from reality, which is generally quite pleasant experiences, but on the negative side smoking weed regularly often leads to less welcome side effects, such as memory loss, paranoia, anxiety, confusion, depression, and periods of ‘lost time’. Although memory loss seems to be more long lasting, the other symptoms do tend to disappear within a day, except in cases where these conditions existed before using marijuana – as then smoking seems to make them worse and attacks of them more frequent.

What weed does to your life and general well being Education

Emerging research tells us that teenagers who smoke weed do much worse in school or college than those who don’t. Underachieving at that age raised the chances of being unemployed or working in a low paid, unskilled job, with few prospects.


Men who regularly smoke weed may experience a drop in their natural testosterone levels and sperm count, both of which can make someone feel less masculine.


Plenty of people in well-paid jobs smoke weed, but lots more struggle to reach their potential due to regular consumption of a substance which can make essentials like good time keeping and the ability to concentrate a challenge. Weed is also still a class C drug, despite some relaxation on how it is policed, so smoking it does mean risking being caught and prosecuted, which doesn’t help boost employment prospects.


There’s little doubt that being addicted to weed exposes most people to as many problems as pleasures; something perhaps for casual smokers to think hard about. If you’d like to read more about the best tips to stop smoking weed, then check out How to Stop Smoking Pot by Kevin Bryce (check out his Facebook too).

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