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It is a story of everyone’s life to make a health resolution every year and not follow it. However, some of us try to follow it as much as we can; the story over and all remains the same for us. Not much change is observed at the end. Sheer dedication is needed to bring an effective change in our health.

However, there are several applications out there that can surely be a motivator for you to work hard on your body. These fitness trackers do the job of motivating you so that you can maintain that level of fitness.

So let us take a look at such applications; 

1. FitNotes


FitNotes is a remarkable app through which one can track and measure their fitness activities. It is free of cost and is available only on the Android platform. The software has various functions that are very user-friendly.

Some of the features are;

• gives the option to exercise different parts of the body (chest, leg, arms)
• keeps a daily record of the workout sessions
• allows to set time for workout sessions and notifies you according to that
• maintain exercise schedules
• can attach comments and notes

Overall the app is best for keeping tracks of your workout sessions and covers almost every aspect of ideal workout sessions, so much that you won’t even require a personal trainer for yourself, FitNotes itself proves to be a personal trainer for you.

2. Google Fit

Google fit App

Another app that is beneficial for all the fitness freaks out there. Google fit is yet another remarkable app that proves to be a personal trainer for you. This app will track all your fitness activities, such as jogging, running or whether cycling.

Some of the features are;

• it records your running track, speed, elevation so that you can get effective tracking of your workout session
• you can also set goals based on your records of sessions
• you can also receive fitness and coaching tips and recommendations
• Runs on different devices, such as tablets, desktops.
• You can elevate your experience by syncing this application with different fitness apps that will help you gain more feature regarding fitness.

3. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper App

Runkeeper will keep an eye on your jogs and your daily running sessions. It does this with the help of GPS. Create groups and invite friends, with Runkeeper you can create a challenge and make others follow them, eventually keeping your more motivated. Runkeeper is available for both Android as well as iOS.

Some of the features are;

• Audio voice motivators- the biggest feature of this app is that it provides audio messages to the user so that he/she is equally motivated
• To create groups- with Runkeeper, you can create a group and invite friends which will increase your workout efficiency
• You can also build new routes with this app, thus letting you discover new routes for your jog and run.
• can set challenges for yourself and for the group
• has an inbuilt stopwatch mode for you to keep track of your sessions

Overall, it is a great app for you to track your running and jogging sessions. the app proves to be an amazing motivator with audio voice messages within the app. well, one thing is for sure, the app will definitely keep you running.

4. Home Workout

Home workout App

Home workout proves to be an overall workout app for the fitness aspirants. The app provides you to keep routines for your workout according to your priority. The app differentiates among different workout sessions such as arms, legs, chests and many others. One of the best features of the app is that it provides exercises which do not require any use of equipment, they can be effectively done by the body weight. 

Some of the features are;

• records training progress
• gives warm up and stretching tips and exercises
• the app has inbuilt video and audio guides for workouts
• you can customize your workout charts
• provides you with multiple workout sessions
This is a great option for those who want to work out from home and does not want to spend time and money on gym equipment. so start your working out from today itself with this brilliant app.

5. BodBot: Personal Trainer

BodBot App

Bobot is a remarkable personal trainer for all the workout freaks. With this app, you can customize your workout session. Just like a gym person, this app provides you with workout sessions which are suitable for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced bodybuilder.

Some of the features are;

• Best customized options for the user
• provides different types of exercises for different kinds of people
• proves to be a remarkable fitness trainer for the users

Hence, these are some of the best fitness trackers available for the users to keep track of your workout sessions, whether it is running or different body parts working out. Also, there are a number of websites available to keep Mobile Number Tracker location. The applications prove to be great motivators for you to keep on going. So install them today and start pumping!

Happy gyming!

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