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Is practicing yoga at home better than working out at the gym? Find out what’s best for you.

It’s common wisdom that to keep in good health, one has to be physically active or engage in exercise. Being active is in general linked to a host of benefits, such as a healthier lifestyle and reduced stress leading to better life expectancy. Regular exercise, be it a jog around the block or practicing what you learned at that yoga training retreat in Bali can also help increase the body's resistance to health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and muscular pain among others.

In general, one visits the gym to shape our body, melt away the fat, build muscles and strength. Going to the gym does not mean lifting weights alone. Nowadays you have several advanced fitness equipment like Exercycle, treadmills and body toning machines. The more sophisticated the equipment, the less strain you will have to go through, and the more you will have to pay up in fees.

Here are the benefits of working out at a gym.

  • Helps with weight loss or gain
  • Keeps the body fit
  • Enhance strength, muscles and stamina
  • Increase one’s appetite and food intake
The side effects of such an exercise regimen include body/muscular pain and injury, fatigue or tiredness, having to take supplements or additional nutrients.

The practice of yoga is an ancient tradition well reputed for the health benefits it brings. Combined with a less strenuous physical activity like walking, regular yoga teacher training practice can prove to be even more advantageous than other strenuous activities.

A few benefits of yoga are as given below:

  • Focus on stretching the body and toning muscles
  • Less strain on one’s body and joints
  • Improves flexibility
  • Can be practiced anywhere, anytime
  • Helps keeps one invigorated throughout the day
  • Helps in digestion
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps develop one’s concentration and focus the mind
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
As to which practice is better - gym workouts or yoga practice, both activities serve different purposes and are good for your health.

Yoga over Gymming

While gymming and other physically intense workouts focus on building the body strength and muscles, helping you attain the desired appearance, yoga aims to regulate one’s entire body, with added focus on the mind.

While gym workouts involve exercise equipment and a membership, often involving fixed timings translates to being expensive. Yoga requires practically no equipment and is therefore more convenient – economically and lifestyle wise.

As opposed to visiting the gym or fitness center, yoga and walking can be done anywhere, anytime. Once you attend a professional yoga teacher training program, you can practice on your own at your convenience, even at home.

Being less intensive, yoga is suitable for people of all ages, whereas physically strenuous workouts are not recommended for old people or those with certain medical conditions like hypertension and heart problems.

In contrast to gym workouts, there are minimal withdrawal effects with yoga.

So is yoga better for overall health than an intense workout at the gym? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


Tracey has worked extensively in the field of fitness and health since her early twenties. With a background in fitness training and holistic living, she started off as a personal trainer for private and corporate clients, and has continued on her own personal journey through the study of yoga and other spiritual disciplines. She travels all over the world, seeking out the best teachers in areas of fitness and health to bring a wealth of knowledge to her own yoga teacher training.

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