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The law serves as guidelines to the citizens of a country, and everyone must respect it. It is a norm of conduct which keeps the society running. It grants power to the government and also determines the right and limitations of the people.

‘Dura Lex, Sed Lex’: The law is harsh, but it is the law. Everyone must follow it including teenagers. Failure to observe the rule of law will result in a punishment, which is imposed by the court.

Nowadays, the number of teenagers getting involved in crimes or what is known as ‘juvenile delinquency’ is increasing each year. According to the laws, juvenile delinquents are a young person ages 18 years old and below who made a violate the law. Some of the crimes of juvenile delinquency are as follows:


● Assault, examples of which are bullying and disagreements in the family
● Harassment
●Illegal possession of firearms
● Use of drugs or alcohol
● Theft
● Trespassing on private properties
● Truancy and other school offences
● Vandalism
● Violent crimes

Teenagers who get involved in the law may affect their lives temporarily or permanently. Some of the effects of juvenile delinquency on the minor are the following:

● Assignment to a juvenile detention centre
● Inability to find a job someday
● Depression
● Family misunderstandings
● Humiliation
● Incarceration
● Loss of interest in school or any other groups
● Teenage pregnancy
● Withdrawal from social life

Thus, in this article, we will discuss the tips on what parents or guardians can teach to adolescent family members or friends on how to not get involved with the law.

1. Get Them Educated

If you wish to inculcate in your children’s mind that getting involved in a crime is a punishable offence, then, by all means, get them into school.

Enroll them in an educational institution and be sure to supervise their schedules. Talk to their teachers or administrator so you can have an idea of their activities.

Apart from sending your children to school, you can also do the following methods to augment their education:

● Let them attend symposiums or conferences organized by groups or the government
● Talk to them personally on a regular basis and teach them the penalties for juvenile crime
● Provide other educational materials to your children such as pamphlets, handbooks, or even DVDs about juvenile delinquency

2. Peer Counseling

Involve your children in peer counselling sessions hosted by school groups, non-government institutions, or government organizations. Also, try to know the circle of friends of your children so you can have an idea of how your kids socialize outside your home. You may not be involved in how your children make friends, but at least keep in touch with them.

3. Impose Reasonable Curfew

Imposing a reasonable curfew on your child can prevent them from joining gangs and from going out during night time.

Studies have found that most of the juvenile crimes are committed at night. Thus, it is essential to keep your kids at home after 10:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning to keep them safe.

4. Encourage Them To Join Extra-Curricular Activities 

To prevent your children from joining the bad influence group of kids, encourage them to join extra-curricular activities such as the following:

Extra-Curricular Activities

● Church group (youth choir, worship group, etc.)
● Sports clubs like basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, and others
● Art clubs like modelling, painting, photography, and others
● School paper/ publications
● Music or band
● Debate clubs

These extra-curricular activities will not only teach them not to get involved in juvenile delinquency, but it will also enhance their talents and skills. Support your children in every activity they have and supervise them in whatever group they join.

5. Establish A Solid Connection With Your Kids

Finally, always connect with your kids and be an excellent example to them. Studies have found that parenting is a huge factor in causing the child to get involved in crimes.

Don’t drink alcoholic drinks, smoke cigarettes, or perhaps do crimes in front of your kids because they might follow your actions soon. Be a responsible parent because you are your kid’s role model.

To set a communication line and good example to your kids, try these steps:

● Communicate regularly with your child. Ask them about their life, studies, and friendship
● Make the rules clear to your child
● Try an outdoor adventure from time to time
● Support your kids with whatever activities they have


In a sum, teenagers are at risk to crimes even at an early age since they are vulnerable and easy to persuade. However, early interventions can minimize and avoid wrong-doings. Examples of which are getting your kids to school, letting them join symposiums, and involving them in community activities.

Parents or guardians have a significant role to play in ensuring that these teens are on the right path, thus, be sure that you act according to your parenting responsibilities.

But even with these precautions, if teens were still involved with the law, it's best that you seek help from attorneys who have years of experience in the industry. This website can give you more information on how you can work with one.

Sharon Golden

Sharon Golden has been a law writer and businesswoman for more than 20 years, and she is currently working on his next big project. Her pieces offer knowledge on various law topics that are easily understandable to the common reader. Sharon cannot be separated from Sophia, their family dog. When Sharon has the time, she's always seen walking Sophia around the city.

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