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If your sex drive has lost its path or if you cannot focus enough at work or you are constantly feeling tired and wanting to take sleep – guess what, your testosterone levels are taking a new low. A recent study has revealed that 4 out of 10 men who are over the age of 45 are suffering from low T-levels. Apart from affecting your sex life, this could also lead to a number of health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, etc.

If you are suspecting to have a low level of testosterone, here are the seven warning signs to keep an eye on and to consult with your doctor at the earliest. He will advise you to either increase testosterone with this supplement or use other ways and means, depending on your lifestyle.


1.Low Libido:

A lot of men notice their libido to be decreased as they get older. However, a most significant sign of having a lower level of testosterone is experiencing a sudden decline in your sex life. If you have lost the urge of having sex and cannot seek interest in the same like you used to be before, this is a warning about a low T-level into your body. 

2.Extra Weight:

Carrying on extra pounds which are clearly unwanted on to your body is considered to be affecting the levels of testosterone as the fat cells convert the T-levels into estrogen which eventually decreases the circulation of your testosterone. Although men who are obese or overweight can have a lower level of testosterone, it has not been established if they gain weight because of the same problem or the vice versa.

3.Erectile Dysfunction:

The problem of erectile dysfunction has become a common phenomenon among the man. Around 30 million men in the world suffer from the problem of ED and the only blame here should be given to their low levels of testosterone. In order to keep getting a strong erection, a proper blood flow, blood circulation, normal sensations, functioning valves, testosterone as well as a good sex drive are of utmost importance. Thus, if you are suffering from ED, know that you might be facing the low T-levels as well.


If you feel exhausted on equal intervals as end up crashing yourself on to the couch or if you find it very challenging to get motivated towards something that involves a good physical caliber or strength, this is a sign of low testosterone and you must look out for your doctor.

5.Sleep Problems:

Another important sign of knowing whether your testosterone level is low is the lack of sleep. Men with low testosterone levels mostly experience the problem of insomnia. At the same time, they tend to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea which is considered to be a common disorder and have affected 18 million people as of now. This problem could also pave way for various other problems such as heart diseases, high blood pressure as well as problems with mood and memory. You must consult a doctor if you are facing sleeping problems and must get your testosterone levels checked.

6.Bone Problems:

Although the problem of osteoporosis is mostly found in women, it could be a problem with men who suffer from low testosterone levels as it tends to decrease the density of your bone. Thus, if you are facing regular bone problems, you must consult your doctor at once.

7.Breast growth:

Low testosterone also causes the ratio of estrogen and testosterone to become unbalanced. Because of this, some men may grow breast tissue which is also a condition known as gynecomastia.
If you have been constantly suffering from one of these problems, it’s the time you visit your doctor, get yourself checked and begin with the treatment of low testosterone levels.

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