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February can be a tough time of year for people who are making new efforts with exercise and nutrition. All that energy from early January, when you determine to start the year off right, starts to ebb away, and you reach a tipping point: either you’ll continue to go about your routine and chase down a healthier lifestyle, or you’ll slip back into old habits. So how can you make the first route the likelier one?

This process is challenging and works differently for different people. But we have a few ideas we’ve written about below.

Solidify Your Health Routine

Write Down Your Motivation

We’ve actually written before about how to motivate yourself to exercise regularly, and mentioned the idea of penning down how you felt after each workout. The idea is to give yourself a record of how much better you feel after exercise so that you can use your own words to push yourself over the edge next time you just don’t want to do it. Another idea though is to write down your motivation for exercise – a set of goals and the reasons behind them – so that you can remind yourself of why you’re in it, to begin with. This helps individual workouts to blend into a bigger effort, and it can be easier to get excited about sticking to the routine.

Bet On Success

Depending on where you live this may or may not be an option. But you can always look online for the betting options and the promotions regularly offered at top gaming sites, and possibly explore the idea of laying a bet on yourself to reach a certain fitness goal. It’s an unorthodox idea, and probably not what you expected to read, but there are examples you can find of people trying this to great effect. It appears some financial risk/reward (even on a fairly small scale) can be a terrific external motivator. And don’t despair if you can’t find a professional booking site that will help you out. Instead, try to arrange a bet with friends.

Have A Dedicated Work Area

A separate article with some fairly straightforward motivational tips pointed out that you don’t need a lot of space to be effective when it comes to exercise. That means you ought to be able to set aside a small area in your home or apartment for exercise, which can be an absolutely vital fallback on days when you just can’t get to the gym. Those days are what ultimately interrupt a lot of regular routines, but if you have a workout area at home you can ensure that you’ll at least be doing something – even if it’s not the scheduled workout you’d otherwise do at the gym.

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