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An underrated aspect of gaining weight is the face fat. Sometimes, even when you lose weight, your face still looks chubby. Think of face fat as belly fat. That means it is one of the most challenging and hard to get rid of fats.

So, when you gain weight, your fat cells are actually enlarging or shrinking when you lose fat. Some people will always have a problematic area, no matter how much they weigh. Some of us have more fat cells in a certain area. It is just the way it is. However, if you want to get rid of double chin, which is usually a by-product of face fat, here are three ways how to do it.

There is not much you can do to change your genetics. Some people are born with bone structure that makes your face look fuller and chubby. But there are some ways you can reduce fat in your body, and with that, face fat.

Prevent water retention

Water retention is one of the biggest problems why people look chubby. You need to flush out water from your body, and toxins with it. When your body retains water, watery fluids accumulate in the tissues of your body. And that makes you look fuller. Some of the causes for water retention, and with that, for the fuller face are excess alcohol, excess sugar, and excess salt intake. All of these three cause your body to hold onto water. Therefore, cut down consumption of alcohol, sugar, salt, and similar face-bloaters. In the same time, increase your consumption of water. Never let your body be dehydrated.

Keep your hormones under control

Women know that “time of the month” perfectly. Hormones can get out of hand, and your face can swell. You should try to keep your hormones in check during your period. Hormones take a spike just before the period strikes. As a result, you experience face swelling. In addition, you might experience hot flashes and irregular periods. That means you might be entering your perimenopause, a period in which your body prepares for the menopause. This perimenopause period can last for years. And if you thought that is something older women should worry about, think again. The period can start in the early and mid-30s.

Take care of food intolerances

If you are sensitive to gluten or have any other food intolerances, make sure to keep it under control. That means avoid foods that you are sensitive to. For example, people with gluten intolerance have reported fuller face when they consume gluten. Bloating is another common symptom that occurs when you consume food you are allergic to. Bloating is just a way of your body showing something is not right with the digestive process.

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