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Losing weight can become a battle. This is why you need your own personal army around you to help you win the war. If it were easy to lose weight on your own, then there wouldn’t be so many diets, surgical procedures, and fitness gurus out there. If your weight is getting you down because it isn’t going down, then it’s time to recruit the specialists in your life that are going to help you win.

Your Partner

It is much easier to change a diet if everyone is eating it at the same time. Ask your partner to stick to the rules, at least when he is home. Watching others eat something you fancy but can’t have, will tempt you to break your diet. Still, if you’re a woman and he’s a man, he is going to need more calories than you do. Seems unfair?


In the battle of the sexes, women can lose out in this way. Because ladies tend to be more petite in stature and frame, their caloric needs are lesser. Ask your partner to eat his biggest meal at work if it helps you share a similar-sized portion at dinner time.

Your Doctor

If you let your doctor know that you’re struggling with your goals right now, they may be able to run some tests. These will determine if their are any underlying health problems. Sometimes all you need is a health check up from somewhere like Lahey Hospital to identify something that might be preventing your weight loss.


Beyond this, your doctor can also recommend a number of strategies and support groups that could help. Most importantly, a medical professional will be able to determine if your own strategies might be causing you harm.

Your Kids

Have you noticed just how much energy our children seem to have? They’re pretty good at burning it off too. Why not get involved in some of their activities, even if they seem a bit young or immature for you? You could always ask them to adapt if for adult participation.

your kid

You don’t need expensive gym memberships or personal trainers. Hop on the trampoline, get out on your bike, or go kick a ball for half an hour. This provides you with extra quality time together as well as fun workout. Perhaps most importantly, you’re showing your kids important healthy habits for life. You’re demonstrating that they too can make things happen if they really want it and work for it.

Your Boss

Offices are a dieter’s worst nightmare. There always seem to be cakes and candies on offer. And the vending machines positioned right in your eye line are simply too tempting. Have a word with your boss. Offer your services to help improve the health of your co-workers with a new strategy for food in the office.

Ask if you can invite a Yoga instructor in for a class each week so you can all relax more. Offer to pick up a bowl of fresh fruit for the office instead of bringing in a cake. Chances are your boss will welcome the opportunity to be seen to initiate new productivity improvement programs!

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