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running for fitness

We’re all so obsessed with looking healthy on the outside that we often forget how to actually be healthy on the inside. It’s natural for vain and often shallow thoughts to drive our motivations when it comes to exercise and eating “healthily”; we’re all concerned with our appearances. That’s just the way our brains work.

Still, a healthy and glowing appearance comes from actually living a healthy lifestyle on a permanent basis rather than trying quick fixes such as skipping meals which are actually far more unhealthy for you in the long run. Most importantly, you’ll always bounce back from a crash diet. If you want to actually be healthy beneath the surface for the long haul, rather than losing weight unhealthily to improve your appearance before piling it back on, then here are some inspirational pieces of advice.

Your body.

When it comes to looking after your body, the core thing to remember is that you need to give yourself a real workout. It doesn’t matter where or how you do it. All that matters is keeping your body active so as to keep your heart healthy and happy. That’s the key to doing cardiovascular exercise properly. You might want to consider HIIT training (high intensity interval training) as a more effective way of keeping your body active if you’re finding your current method ineffective.

Think of it this way: every time you walk through your local park or simply stroll down the street, you’ll probably see a jogger slowly slumping past. What they might not realize is that this is a very ineffective form of exercise; loosely moving your arms and legs, even if you dress this up as “jogging”, is not challenging your body. In fact, sometimes a fast-paced walk is better for your health than a slow and lazy jog. The crucial thing, yet again, concerns how hard you push yourself. Working out at intervals gives your body a break before suddenly challenging it for a short burst of time. This keeps your heart working hard to pump blood to the body quickly. Challenge your internal reflexes, essentially.

The key is to find an exercise you love. Stop forcing gym workouts if you hate the gym. Jog through the local park with your dog, do press ups in your front room, or find a sport you can do with your friends that’s fun. As long as you’re getting your body active in some form, you’re keeping yourself healthy.


Your brain.

The brain is a curious thing. Whilst we see it as some higher form of consciousness, you need to remember that it’s entirely dependent on your body. The way you think, feel, and act all depends on the way you look after your physical health, and that should be more incentive than anything else in this article to start taking better care of your body. Hydration and sleep are the two most important things you should keep in check if you want to keep your brain healthy. A lack of either starves the brain, essentially, and causes it to struggle to concentrate and perform to the fullest of its potential.

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