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When trying to understand illness, we often look at the physical implications. How will it feel? In what ways will it change our bodies? There’s no denying that these are important questions which anyone who receives a diagnosis will want to know. But, it would be naive to assume that the physical symptoms are the only things such individuals have to deal with. In a lot of ways, one of the worst side effects of any injury or illness are mental. We all know how important it is to stay positive, but that’s difficult when you’re not on top physical form.

Of course, the above points apply to any illness you can think of. There will always be some degree of mental impact. But, today we’re going to focus on a less spoken about issue. Forget the big boys; we’re going to look at small health niggles which can affect your happiness in a significant way. These problems all relate to appearance in some way. For the most part, that’s why they have such an impact. The way we feel about our appearance makes a huge difference to our happiness levels. They can all lead to self-confidence issues, and cause us to withdraw. If you suffer from any of the following, read on to gain tips about how you can overcome the demons and put that smile back on your face.


Being obese brings a variety of health issues along with it, and most of us know about the majority of them; risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. But, we speak less often about the risks obesity poses to happiness. Not feeling comfortable with your size can do real damage to your self-esteem. Many of those who suffer from weight conditions avoid looking in the mirror or leaving the house. The trouble is, not leaving the house results in less exercise, with exacerbates the situation. As well as managing your eating, overcoming obesity involves exercise. You’ll struggle to master that if you don’t go out. It’s also important to note that obesity is often linked to mood eating. So, if you’re feeling low because of your weight, you’re opening yourself up to eat more. It’s a catch 22.


So, what can you do? As stated above, healthy eating and exercise are crucial for physical recovery. These will help your well being, too. But, to overcome your initial demons, it’s important to accept your appearance as it stands. That’s not to say that you should stop wanting to improve the situation. But, you can’t work miracles, and things won’t change overnight. So, it’s important to make an effort to look in the mirror and approach your appearance with kindness. Keep your end goal in mind, but do everything possible to make yourself feel beautiful right now. Buy a new outfit or get a haircut. Pamper yourself to remind yourself that you deserve it. Then, head out into the world with your head held high.


When we think about health, many of us forget to consider our teeth. But, these are as important as any part of your body. Dental issues may not be life threatening, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention. When considering appearance, your teeth have more impact than many other factors. For one, they’re one of the only health issues which has a direct influence on the quality of your smile. A shocking number of people avoid smiling or try to do so without showing their teeth. That’s sure to have an impact on happiness. Smiling itself activates neural messaging in our brains to release feel-good hormones. No one should have to live without it.


Of course, the best way around the issue is to visit Houston Dental Implants, family dentistry, oral surgery and periodontics and others like them. Such surgeries will be able to diagnose and treat any issues you’re having. Many people put off taking this step through fear. In fact, it’s estimated that 9-15% of people in America avoid booking an appointment. But, it’s crucial you get past that fear. Life’s too short to let fear get in the way of happiness. And, the battle doesn’t stop once you’ve received treatment, either. Good dental hygiene is a battle we should all fight on a daily basis. If things have gone wrong, the chances are something's missing from your dental routine. Take the time to ask your dentists for tips. That way, you can stay smiling for the rest of your days.


Eczema is a skin condition in which skin becomes rough, inflamed, and itchy. Some people are born with it, while others develop the condition later in life. Depending on where on your body eczema appears, it too can affect happiness when it comes to appearance. It doesn’t discriminate and can show on your face, arms, legs, or torso. If there’s skin there; it’s fair game. This is a tricky issue to tackle because it’s a tough one to diagnose. A variety of factors are thought to worsen or irritate the condition, but it’s hard to avoid it altogether. Most doctors agree that a combination of hereditary and environmental factors are responsible. Certain foods also seem to worsen the severity of breakouts.


Those of you suffering from eczema will already be aware that there’s no known cure. For some, the skin heals itself and returns to full health. In other people, this becomes a lifelong condition. But, that’s no reason to give up. There’s still plenty you can do to restore your happiness. Doctors suggest taking warm baths, wearing cotton and other non-irritable materials, and moisturizing daily. And, as with obesity, it’s worth practicing self-acceptance. As stress can worsen the appearance of eczema, it’s important to avoid it where possible. Instead of getting frustrated about your appearance, take some time to accept yourself. Cast a non-critical eye over your breakouts. Consider how they look to other people. The chances are, it isn’t as bad as you think.

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Iseach ikechukwu said...

By now no one seems to understand the root causes of eczema, although some has attributed it to genetic factors, food allergies, and hash chemicals on our body.
In the US alone about 3.5 million people are affected this calls for serious attention honestly.

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