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Exercise Effectively With An Injury

Trying to do anything with an injury makes everything difficult, and this is doubly so if you are doing exercise in any way shape or form. Whether you have a long-term shoulder injury or it's something that's come along quite recently, it's never fun, and we all need to keep in shape in one way or another. But it's important to remember that if you need to exercise although you have an excruciating injury, there are ways around it without hurting yourself. So let's have a look at how you can do this.

The First Step...

You need to make sure that you test all of your movements, just to see how much range of motion you have. So this needs to be done by exercising one part of your body without any resistance to see if you can feel any pain at all. For example, if you've got a bad shoulder, you should see if you are able to extend your arms above your head without holding anything. If you can't straighten your arms all the way above your head without it hurting, you shouldn't consider lifting anything above your head or doing exercises like shoulder presses or push presses. Once that is done, you need to test movements that you think you will be able to do so, for example, a shoulder injury may be impossible to do exercises that involve a lot of swinging.

Looking After Your Injury

If you are one of these people who train excessively or goes to the gym 6 or 7 days a week, you are very likely causing more injury than you are helping yourself gain muscle or increasing fitness. The trick to looking after yourself is by doing two things. The first thing is to rest as much as possible because this allows you to recuperate properly without going back into an exercise routine with a muscle deficit or feeling like you haven't recovered from your injury. Looking after your injury can consist of having a regular massage which will help loosen the knots and encourage blood flow as well as release toxins. You can also invest in a foam roller to make sure the injured part of your body is as nimble as possible.

Find Ways To Exercise Around The Injury

Just because you have injured one part of your body doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise any other parts. It important to keep an eye on your injury, and so if it is in a specific place that makes moving difficult, then you may be best off avoiding anything too strenuous and going for low impact exercises like pilates or yoga. The best thing is to take it slow and really focus on your injury and understand the impact it could have on the rest of your body. Just because a shoulder injury is on your shoulder doesn't mean it could cause problems in your neck or your back further down the line. It is possible to work out with an injury, but it does require a lot more forethought.

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Always excellent, informative, sensible advice. Keep up the good work!

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