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Group training became popular around 2008 when the Great Recession forced people to cut back on luxuries such as personal trainers. Even though things have gotten better economically, many people have gotten used to the idea of working out with their friends. Whether it's a way to socialize or a form of friendly competition to see how we stack up regarding fitness with our coworkers and neighbors, group fitness is here to stay.

Wellness Coaching

Getting fit is more than making it to exercise class a few times a week. If a person’s lifestyle and eating habits aren’t healthy, an exercise program will have a minimal impact at best. This is where wellness coaching comes in. Trainers can help a client set goals, learn about nutrition options like finding a good weight loss tea and provide support and encouragement. Wellness coaches also work with people in rehabilitation therapy and can advise others in disease and sports-related injury prevention.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is fast becoming as much of a functional fashion statement at the gym as Nike or Under Armor. Almost dismissed as a gimmick, wearable fitness monitors have made great strides in both the accuracy and level of usable information they can give the wearer. Users can get real-time info on their workout like heart rate readings, along with other benefits like move reminders. Like with smartphones, those that are app based have an almost unlimited amount of flexibility in how they can be used. Plus, millennials are fond of their gadgets and look for any excuse to use them.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is gaining popularity for people who are serious about hitting the maximum burn when it comes to calories. People using HIIT do quick bursts of intense activity designed to pump the heart rate up, followed by short intervals of rest. The results don’t lie. This is an excellent way to work out, and it won’t be long before people start seeking classes that incorporate it.


Even though hardcore exercise programs like CrossFit and HIIT are the big buzzwords when it comes to fitness, they aren’t the only game in town. Yoga has been and will continue to be a popular fitness option. With its proven benefits for strengthening the back and core, Yoga should continue to be a high-profile program in any gym. There will also always be people who want a quiet way to relax and destress that isn’t super intense. It’s better for gyms if they take a yoga class than join a park walker club.

Even if you’re teaching a muscle conditioning class, you can still incorporate a little yoga at the end for cool down. This technique is a great way to promote awareness and mindfulness after any workout.

Fitness for Older Adults

The best way to stay healthy is to stay moving, but that can become difficult for many retired adults. Exercise is encouraged for most older Americans as a proactive way to hold off and fight health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and osteoporosis. The well-publicized benefits of remaining active have convinced many seniors to be part of an organized fitness program. Many insurance providers will even cover gym memberships for their older members.

Worksite Health Promotion

Companies have learned that healthy employees are happier and more productive, and are less likely to get preventable diseases that require the use of company insurance. This has prompted many businesses to offer their workers gym reimbursement, on-site exercise classes, and other incentives to stay fit. It isn’t unheard of for some companies to have light exercise routines in the morning that involve a bit of calisthenics and stretching.

Outcome Measurements

This is simply tracking people’s results, and while that is nothing new, many people now expect a more formal style of tracking their results. The best way of explaining outcome measurements is that it is like taking an existing service, dress it up, and pretending that it’s new. Create individual folders, use more in context scientific terms, and accurate metrics to track a client’s results. Don’t rely on one thing like weight loss, which is a terrible way to measure results and overall fitness anyhow. When someone completes a three-month fitness program, they will have their own body to show the results, and a set of stats they can look at to see just how far they’ve come, and defines that progress in detail.


One thing that has kept group fitness going strong is how adaptable it is to new ideas and innovative ways to exercise. Many training programs like CrossFit combine perfectly with group fitness. New trends in fitness can be worked into any group fitness program, and those new trends come along like clockwork. It can be a new nutrition plan or diet, a new twist on an old idea, or it can even be tech based. Keeping up with and working these trends into a program is essential for the success of a group fitness trainer or gym.

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