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If you are suffering from chronic neck pain then the key reasons responsible for the pain are neck muscle strains, wearing of the neck joint, meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis. The result of all these reasons is the stiff muscles in both your neck and shoulder and it will limit your mobility as well. But, with the help of certain exercises, you can treat your neck pain. If you want to treat your neck pain, let me discuss top 5 exercises you can incorporate into your regular exercising schedule or you can also do them while you are in your office.

 Shoulder Shrugs
You can do this exercise either while you are standing or in a sitting position. In order to do this exercise correctly, you will have to keep both your upper arms in a straight position on either side of the body. Raise both your shoulder upwards and then downwards. You need to do it a couple of times, but the only thing you have to ensure is that you need to do it slowly. You have to raise your shoulders as high as possible and ensure you have maintained the position for a short period. Now, bring the arms in a neutral position. You can repeat this exercise at least 5-6 times.

Neck Retraction

When you are doing this exercise, you need to take your neck both in forwarding and backward directions. Now, during the forward retraction, your head will slide forward and when you perform backward retraction, your head will slide backward. There is a difference in both the forward and backward sliding, forward sliding is approximately 4 times longer as compared to the backward sliding. The muscles involved in both the front and backward retraction also play a major role in keeping your head posture normal. When you exercise and strengthen these muscles, you will be able to keep your head in a normal posture.

Neck Rotation
If you feel stiffness in your neck, then make sure you have done this exercise. In order to do this exercise, you need to rotate your head towards both right and left side. It is important you have maintained an apt position for short time. Now, you need to bring back your head in a neutral position. It is important to repeat this particular exercise for about 8 times on each side or as you feel comfortable. Make sure you avoid doing this exercise if you are feeling dizziness or pain in the neck. If you have these symptoms, make sure you visit your physician right away.

Neck Extension

You can do the neck extension while you are sitting or standing. You need to pull or incline your head backward so that you will be looking directly towards the ceiling or towards the sky if you are doing outside. You need to maintain the best extension for some time. Now, slowly bring your head to a neutral position. Most importantly, when you do neck extension, make sure you do it slowly, this will help prevent any type of injury of the facet joint. When you are moving, there are chances that it may increase the pain as you are stretching. If the pain persists, make sure you avoid doing this exercise.

Side Tilt
You can do this exercise in a sitting or standing position, or as per your convenience. Before you start doing the exercise, make sure your head is in a neutral position. Now, you need to incline your head towards one side as far as possible. It is important you are looking straight while doing this exercise.

You need to incline your head and make sure you are not rotating your head. Bring your ear towards your shoulder. Make sure you have maintained the head in the best-inclined position for some time, once you have done this, now you can take your head back to a neutral position. When you incline, it will include facet joint supported by both tendon and ligament.

While doing lateral inclination towards the left & right side, it can lead to dizziness, so it is advisable you see your physician or immediately discontinue the exercise. If not, then you can repeat this exercise at least 10 times on each side, or as per your convenience.

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