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Losing weight isn’t as easy everyone seems to think it is. This isn’t to say that anyone thinks it isn’t hard work; they simply think the process is fairly simple. Eat healthy, exercise more… and that’s about it. Well, weight loss isn’t as simple as that - you have to remember how complex your body is!

Let’s at some of the key mistakes that people make when it comes to shedding weight.

Hormone troubles

Your weight has a correlative relationship with how much you're eating. You may have encountered obese people who claim that they don’t really eat that much, leading them to be confused as to why they’re put on so much weight. Often, people are genuinely convinced that they don’t eat that much. (The opposite can also occur; people who are underweight may be convinced that they’re eating enough.) Our minds can play tricks on us when we diet!

Making a conscious effort to reduce portion sizes may lead you to ignore an increase of snack consumption. This unhealthy eating during a diet is very common because your body starts producing more ghrelin, known as the “hunger hormone”. It’s not simply that you’re genuinely hungry - you feel hungry. Many people start snacking more as a result.

Some people find that the addition of particular hormones to their system may help them in these scenarios; human chorionic gonadotropin is an example of one that people often try. Resources like HCG Triumph can help you decide if this sort of thing is the right choice for you; you may also find a lot of diet assistance that works either in conjunction with hormones or independent from them.

Too casual

Perhaps you’re taking too informal an approach to weight loss. You’ve cut a few things out of your diet and, if you have time, go for a couple runs every week. While this will do your body good, it can only go so far.

A more consistent and formal approach is needed if you really want to lose weight. Schedules, support, timetables, record-keeping, reading material… it sounds like a lot of effort, but it can be pretty vital to the weight loss process!

diet tips

Keeping a record of your progress. Write things down and take photographs. If you’re not tracking your progress, then you’ll have a hard time knowing what’s working and what isn’t! Following a specific workout plan can work, but make sure you take the time to research each plan you come across.

Beating the plateau

Your body might have become accustomed to the exercise you’re engaging in. You need to push yourself in order to lose weight. But bodies adapt; it gets to the point where you’re not longer pushing yourself and, thus, no longer seeing much physical change. This is the weight loss plateau!

You may need to increase the amount of exercise you’re doing. However, a better way might be to try out new things. Exercise new areas of your body. Use equipment you haven’t used before. If you’ve been running and lifting weights, then consider adding cycling or swimming into your routine.

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