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Do you know that with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops (HCG drops) you can lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks? Yes, it is possible to lose up to 14 kgs (30 lbs.) in a single month using HCG drops. Other than helping you lose weight, HCG drops also boosts your general body fitness and allows your body to make maximum use of other weight loss supplements you take. Use of HCG drops is a simple and sure way of achieving a healthy body.

Well, HCG drops are natural hormonal weight loss supplements that play a crucial role in weight loss. HCG drops facilitate weight loss in the body by helping your body to burn fat that settles in areas such as; around the waist region, arms, and around the thighs.

Weight Loss Using HCG Drops

Are HCG Drops Proven to Work in Clinical Studies?

Extensive research about the effectiveness of HCG drops has been conducted since the early 80s, initially; research about the effectiveness of HCG drops was carried out by Dr. Daniel Belluscio who established the first HCG Research Center with the aim of studying the benefits and negative impacts of using HCG drops for weight loss. In the research center, Dr. Belluscio carried out various studies, and all portrayed HCG drops to be very effective in weight loss. For the difference between the effectiveness of oral HCG drops and injection, he found out that both showed similar results in facilitating weight loss. Although both had similar effectiveness, the oral HCG drops had an advantage over the injection since they do not impose pain to the user like the injection. To date, many doctors and weight loss experts all over the world prescribe HCG drops to patients who consult them on the best weight loss supplements. This is a clear indication that HCG drops are well known to be effective for weight loss.

While under these drugs, users are required to avoid poor eating habits for best results. This means keeping off junk foods and any food that does not help in achieving a lean, toned body. Can one cheat while using the HCG drops supplements for weight loss? No! In fact, cheating in this weight loss plan is practically impossible since your weight loss depends on your level of self-discipline practiced during the weight loss program. The fact that HCG drops helps in both losing weight and achieving physical body fitness makes them the perfect choice for most people out there.

How do HCG Drops Work in Facilitating Weight Loss?

In the natural life setting, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is present in both men and women. HCG hormone in women is usually produced in large quantities during the gestation period. During this period, it mainly serves the role of sending impulses to the hypothalamus to alert it to slightly alter the body’s metabolic rate and influence fat storage. This helps the unborn baby to get sufficient nutrients from the mother his/her life.

In weight loss, HCG drops improves the body’s metabolic rate thus allowing the body to burn fats faster than they are formed without harming the muscles. During the period of taking HCG drops for weight loss, it is recommended to take at least 100 oz. water daily. Taking 100 oz. of water daily boosts the success of the HCG diet plan in weight loss.

How to Use the HCG Drops

To ensure the effectiveness of the HCG diet plan, the user should keenly follow the prescribed procedure. The weight loss programs are classified into two; i.e. the three-week and the six-week program. Here are the details of each program.

1. 3-Week program - This program takes 23 days to complete. These are the key steps involved: 

i. Taking HCG drops for the first and the second day. 
ii. Observing a Low-Calorie Diet between day 3 and day 21 
iii. Stabilization: from the 22nd to the 43rd day. 
iv. Maintaining the newly acquired body: from the 43rd day forever 

2. 6-Week program - This program runs to completion in 43 days; it involves the following steps: 

i. Taking HCG drops for the first and the second day 
ii. Observing a Low-Calorie Diet from the third to the 42nd day 
iii. Stabilization; between the 43rd to the 63rd day. 
iv. Maintaining the newly acquired body from the 63rd day forever 

Conclusion and Recommendation

Using HCG drops for weight loss is a viable weight loss solution. Additionally, they ensure your body is physically fit. If you would like to lose weight fast, HCG drops is the ultimate solution for you.

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