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When you’ve been training hard for months, you don’t want anything to stop you reaching that finish line. But there are many common health problems that may stop you from reaching the starting line. No matter how fit and healthy you might be, you could still be at risk of illness or injury before the race begins.

Don’t Come Near Me!

The common cold is more than just a runny nose when you have a big race event lined up. A stuffy nose and cough will seriously hinder your performance. It can affect the rhythm of your breathing and the amount of oxygen you can breathe in. Worst still, it can give you a headache that will distract you from your goal. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before eating and keep up your fruit intake for vitamin C.

breath problem

Brain Strain

Headaches can be caused by many things, not just a common cold. Tooth decay and ear infections can increase your chances of a headache that just won’t quit. To avoid oral problems, pay as much attention to your daily brushing and flossing as you do to your dietary intake. Ear infections can be caused by dirt or bacteria from fingertips so avoid scratching or poking them.

brain strain

Tummy Troubles

Indigestion can definitely put you off your game. As it gets worse, it can leave you doubled up in pain. Some people regularly suffer the symptoms of indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Most athletes eat a balanced diet that can help toward avoiding these digestion difficulties. However, it might be worth avoiding anything that might trigger yours. Opt for an IBS natural treatment if you’re worried your symptoms may get in the way of winning. Remember, the stress of the event could be a flare-up trigger too.

tummy problem

No Worries

Stress can come from any part of your life and will increase your risk of injury. When we’re anxious or worried, we tend to tense. This tightness and rigidity in our movements are detrimental to our physical performance during a race too. Massage can help enormously here. You can use massage to relax the muscles. You can also use massage to thoroughly warm a muscle before the race too. This can help to prevent injuries if you are worried or nervous.


Work It Out

Many events are endurance tests of a single type of activity. This might be cycling or swimming or running. Your training is likely to focus on just one or two muscle groups to ensure your body is strong enough to cope. The problem with this is you could be neglecting other areas that might not be strong enough for the extra pressures of the event. Worse still, you might overdo your training, leaving you vulnerable to injury from the starting gun.

There are times when you’re in perfect shape and condition, and the race is yours to win. There are other times when you can fall foul of a common illness or other health complaint. That’s just bad luck and pushing your body on isn’t always a good idea. How do you cope when your health lets you down at the last minute?

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