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Staying strong is important. It’s how we affirm our places in the world, and ensure we’re living the way we want. But, it isn’t always easy. The world is a frightening place. Many of us often feel the need to hide under our duvets and never come out again. Most people will tell you, however, that exercising strength is the best way to get past that fear.

Of course, it’s harder to face certain situations with that strength than others. Those situations are often the most frightening; during a confrontation, for example. Or, during illness. Nothing is quite so scary as getting ill. Never before will the desire to duvet dive have felt so compelling. Yet, when you’re sick, it’s more important that you face things with the strength you use in other aspects of your life. It’s the best way towards full recovery. That’s why we’re going to look at different ways you can stay strong during a variety of health setbacks.

Physical illness

The idea of staying strong in the face of physical illness is terrifying. By physical illness, we mean anything from flu to the big C. The spectrum is broad, and each illness brings its challenges. The hardest part about staying strong in the face of a lot of them is that they sap your energy. And, without energy, it can be challenging to feel strong about anything.

physical illness

For one, acknowledge when you need rest. Calling in sick may be frightening, and your boss might not be happy about it. But, taking time out is the best way to recovery. On the other end of the spectrum, strength could be as simple as forcing yourself out of bed the moment when you feel an improvement. Sometimes, all it takes is a little makeup and a fresh change of clothes.

Mental illness

Mental illness is difficult to understand when you’re coming from a strength angle. For the most part, mental conditions feel like a loss of control. As such, they often block your ability to feel strong. But, it’s for that exact reason that remaining strong is the best way to see you through. Although, perhaps not in the way you think.

Despite stigmas, staying strong in itself isn’t enough to see your through. Mental issues are physical imbalances. As such, expecting to feel better through strength alone could make you feel worse. Instead, your strength here comes from your ability to ask for help. That help could come from your doctor, or a center like the Compass Health Center. Centers like these have professionals who can help you find a cure. Reaching out to them is true strength.


Injuries are horrendous. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your neck, back, or anywhere else that’s affected. Any injury can flaw you if you let it. And, injuries get worse if you don’t exercise them. So, staying strong here is about nothing more than finding a way to exercise through the pain. It’s the best path to recovery!

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