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If you want to get in shape, it is important you are going to the gym on a daily basis. Well, that won’t be the case if you get hurt. It is important you have taken precautionary steps to ensure your body is not in danger of things like sprain, strain, or pulling a muscle while you are working out, whether in the gym or on the ground. I completely understand that in some cases, injuries can be avoided, so here are 7 ways to avoid injury and warm up properly.

warm up

Warm Up

Before exercising, when you warm up correctly, you have a low risk of getting injured. You can warm up by doing some cardio exercises and if you can, then weight training can also be done. Above all, it also has the following benefits –

While you are relaxed, there is a closure of blood vessels and your muscles only get 15% blood flow. As you move, blood vessels tend to dilate, allowing the heart to have better blood flow to various muscles and tissues.

When you warm up, the production of hormones in your body is responsible for the regulation of the energy such as testosterone, epinephrine, and growth hormone increases. This further facilitates energy sources such as fatty acids and carbohydrates to be more available for your body to burn while you exercise.

When you warm up, you end up clearing your mind from all sorts of distractions. When you are less distracted, you are more focused towards your workout, this considerably reduces the odds of injuries.

Don’t Overdo The Exercises

When you are exercising, thinking of gaining instant results, there may be instances when you are tempted to push yourself a little harder than your body can actually bear. Alas, this won’t help you in reaching your goals and you may end up injuring yourself, eventually, you will find yourself lying on the bed. You must have heard – Slow and steady wins the race. That’s what you need to do, it may take some time to see the desired results, but it is better than hurting yourself badly.

Consult Your Physician

Before you go ahead and achieve your goal of six packs, it is better you have consulted your physician. Your physician will be in a better position whether you are in a position to strain your body or not. He will discuss various elements with you before you start exercising such as – age, smoking, your level of cholesterol, overweight, and do you have heart disease.

Consult Your Physician

On the basis of these elements, your physician will decide whether you should go ahead and follow a regular exercise schedule or not. In addition, he will also make you aware of the following facts –
When you exercise, you actually put additional stress on both your joints and bones.

Your blood flow shifts from abdominal region to the muscles in order to supply more blood.
Your body burns both fat and glucose in order to fuel the muscles.

Both your heart rate and the amount of blood pumped to your body also increases.

Go For Proper Equipment

When you exercise, if you need any special equipment, then make sure you use them. The safety equipment may include –
  • Mouth guards
  • Footwear
  • Kneepads
  • Googles
  • Shin guards
  • Helmets
When it comes to equipment, make sure you don’t compromise with quality. Go for high-quality equipment and weights, remember cheaper products are not always good and moreover they are not safe.

It is important your exercise equipment:
  • Has the right fit.
  • Should be used correctly and consistently.
  • Should be in a good condition.
  • Should have the right design as per your activity.
  • Have Proper Rest
Have Proper Rest

You might be excited to reach your goal, but remember over-training will only increase your chances of getting injured. It is important you have given right amount of rest to your body, if you don’t then your body won’t get a chance to recover. If your body is not getting proper rest, it will break one day and you have to face undesirable consequences. While you are exercising, it is important you have given your body rest breaks each week.

proper rest

Stay Hydrated

When you keep your body hydrated, you considerably reduce the chances of having injuries. As per the physician's, around 75% of muscle tissue contains water. If the body is not getting right amount of fluid, the risk of injuries tends to rise considerably. It is advisable that men should drink 13 cups of water a day and for the women it is 9 cups.

Choose To Vary Your Exercises

When you vary your exercises, it not only prevents you from injuries but it also maintains a balance in your body structure. Moreover, it adds a touch of excitement whenever you do some new exercise. You can vary your exercises every few weeks. Let us assume, you like doing yoga, you can vary it by playing tennis, doing aerobics or dancing.

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