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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pressure Cooker Nutrition Myths That Won’t Go Away Till Now

April 19, 2017 0 Comments
Pressure cooking has been with us for quite a while now and it seems to be the solution most people have found around their busy schedules. It is now easier for working mothers to go to work and excel at what they do and still come back home and prepare the best meals for their families. However, there have been several pressure cooking myths that have been going around which we seek to demystify here today. Below are three myths about pressure cookers and the facts behind them.

Pressure cooker nutrition myths

Myth: Pressure cooking destroys all the minerals and vitamins from food. 


Using a pressure cooker guarantees the preservation of more vitamins and nutrients than regular cooking. With pressure cooking, the fluid is spared and re-utilized during the cooking process which guarantees preservation of all the nutrients found in vegetables. Several studies have shown that pressure cooking is one of the few cooking practices that jam the most minerals and vitamins. While studies have not been conclusive on the exact quantity of vitamins and minerals that are preserved using pressure cookers, the science behind pressure cooking has been instrumental in supporting the fact that more vitamins and minerals are preserved while using a pressure cooker than while using regular cooking methods.

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To date, there has been no conclusive experiment that seems to justify whether pressure cooking destroys vitamins and minerals or not. However, the pressure cooking itself works with the principle of reciprocation that ensures the evaporated fluid is retained within the cooker and re-utilized to ensure all the nutrients and flavors are retained within the pot.

Myth: High temperatures in pressure cookers make carcinogens such as those found when barbecuing.


Pressure cooking, unlike the other cooking methods, is free of acrylamide and other toxic mixes.

Carcinogenic compounds are common in starchy foods such as potatoes. They are formed when these foods are cooked at extremely high temperatures of about 120C. Now, with pressure cooking, it is very easy for temperatures to rise above 120C. The temperatures may cross over the mark by up to 3 degrees. However, even under these circumstances, the carcinogens do not develop thanks to the moist environment in pressure cookers. A research conducted by a Swiss team revealed that potatoes could be pressure cooked for up to 20 minutes and still there would be no trace of acrylamide. However, if the same potatoes are exposed to regular cooking at the same temperature, for the same amount of time, carcinogens would easily develop.

Myth: Pressure cooked food is sterilized to eliminate the need for refrigeration. 


It is no doubt that pressure cooking has the ability to sterilize food. But this requires a great amount of energy to achieve. It requires a pressure cooker with energy of up to 15 PSI to run at high pressure for 30 minutes in order to get to the clinical sterilization level. For those pressure cookers with no capability to achieve 15 PSI, more time is required for clinical sterilization. However, it is highly unlikely that you will come across a recipe that required more than 30 minutes of cooking time with a pressure cooker.

With a pressure cooker, food that has been cooked for less than 30 minutes will still contain almost the same quantity of bacteria as food that has been cooked without pressure. However, the fact remains that food that has been pressure cooked will contain much less bacteria responsible for food poisoning such as Listeria.

However, it is highly advisable that you follow the guidelines for storing regularly cooked food while storing pressure cooked food. This will help you avoid turning the contents of your pressure cooker into a pool of bacteria.
In conclusion, the myths propagated about pressure cookers are not only false but misleading. Pressure cooking still remains one of the most convenient and effective ways of cooking food especially for working parents with little time on their hands when they get back home. It is not only fast but also preserves more nutrients than regular cooking. In fact, pressure cookers are also known to consume less energy due to the little amount of time required to prepare a meal.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cold Water Therapy: Your Secret Weapon in Weight Loss

April 11, 2017 0 Comments
The one thing weight loss programs NEVER have is the way your body reacts in warm or cold environments and how you should change your diet and workout accordingly. Every diet plan and every exercise regime available out there focuses on the balance between the two, never realizing that our body maintains a 98.6 degrees temperature.

According to a study, people have already started to replace beverages with water. That affects the entire fitness demographics. Water isn’t the only tool to remedy obesity, in fact, it helps in making people feel fuller and that makes them eat less, consume less and gradually gets rid of fat and extra body weight.
The old trick is to have at least 8 to 9 glasses of water and see how it changes your skin and body inside out. Ice cold water therapy dates back to the priests and monks who used to shower in ice cold water to feel closer to nature. It takes a lot of energy for a human body to maintain the temperature to normal, no matter how the surroundings are. When you expose your body to cold temperature, your metabolism increases and you can double your weight loss rate in as less as 6 weeks.

Ray Cronise’s Study

In 2015, fitness world saw a revolutionary study, developed by Ray Cronise, a best-selling author, and scientist for NASA. He told the world that by tapping the power of cold leaves you with enthralling results when it comes to weight loss. In his study, he overlooked a series of experiments which analyzed how cold water affects metabolism. He tracked oxygen and carbon dioxide’s intake and exhaled amount because he believed that it has a radical impact on weight control.

He devised the Weight Watchers-style algorithm for everyone who wanted to get into the cold water therapy to get results. He took shiver walks in a 30-degree weather, slept without sheets and took cold showers, he tripled his weight-loss rate without changing his calorie-restricted diet plan. There is no exact science behind it, the metabolism rate fluctuates between 8 to 80 percent in an average human being in this process because of factors like diet, the degree of exposure, age, and body mass.

When your body gets cold, the metabolism kicks in and it struggles to keep the body warm and at its normal temperature.

The Perks

A simple thing, temperature adjustment, can have huge effects on your overall health. Here is how:

It can cure frequent colds It can help you ease off the chronic pain and inflammation It can help you reduce high blood pressure It prevents heart diseases It will help you reduce stress It will increase your activeness It will help your skin and hair It improves circulation It will help build immunity It will increase your Testosterone It cures insomnia They build strong will power They help build emotional resilience It will speed up muscle recovery The biggest most relevant advantage is that it helps with chronic fatigue syndrome. 

How to utilize it

You need to ease into it. You can’t just jump in cold water because you should. The shock of getting your body in a completely cold environment is bad for your blood pressure. So begin with using the usual luke-warm water. After you are done, let the cold water run for a bit and then walk into the cold stream slowly starting from your feet and hands. Then the whole body. Make yourself comfortable and gradually increase the duration and exposure.

This is the routine you should follow for weight loss using the cold water therapy.

The Therapy

In the morning after you wake up, drink at least half liters of ice water. Take a cold shower for at least 15 minutes. Then, have breakfast after drinking another half liters of cold water.

In the evening, get an ice pack from the freezer and get comfortable on your chair or couch and place it behind your neck. Let it cool every nerve down. And take another shower.

How to make it easy

Like we said earlier, you need to ease into it. Let your body get comfortable in the cold water and gradually increase the duration and intensity. Your head is sensitive so make sure you feel comfortable with the temperature. When the cold water hits you, calm down and let it slowly become a part of your skin. You’ll learn to love the cold. The colder you feel, the more you’ll get out of this therapy. You can always change into a comfortable track suit after the shower. It will make you feel less cold and more comfortable.

Since summers are here, this therapy is the best you can do at having fun while losing weight to get a hot body through cold therapy.