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Key Tips On How To Teach Teens To Not Get Involved With The Law

The law serves as guidelines to the citizens of a country, and everyone must respect it. It is a norm of conduct which keeps the society running. It grants power to the government and also determines the right and limitations of the people.
‘Dura Lex, Sed Lex’: The law is harsh, but it is the law. Everyone must follow it including teenagers. Failure to observe the rule of law will result in a punishment, which is imposed by the court.
Nowadays, the number of teenagers getting involved in crimes or what is known as ‘juvenile delinquency’ is increasing each year. According to the laws, juvenile delinquents are a young person ages 18 years old and below who made a violate the law. Some of the crimes of juvenile delinquency are as follows:

● Assault, examples of which are bullying and disagreements in the family ● Harassment ●Illegal possession of firearms ● Use of drugs or alcohol ● Theft ● Trespassing on private properties ● Truancy and other school offences ● Vandalism ● Violent crime…

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