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Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Everybody

Secondhand smoking means indirect tobacco smoking that is also recognizable as Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). It occurs by inhaling the polluted air where the mainstream smokers have exhaled out the smoke of cigarettes. This smoke from the cigarettes includes more than 4000 chemicals, which are the leading causes of cancer.

This polluted air is more dangerous than the smoke, which comes out after using a cigarette. The smoke of cigarette causes many diseases, and someone who is inhaling this infected air has more chances to suffer from fatal diseases like cancer, lungs problems, heart diseases, etc. Children are the chief who suffer most due to this polluted air, as their immune system does not develop properly and have more chances to infect with various diseases earlier.
Some countries have successfully developed the concept of e-cigarettes to reduce the fatal results caused by smoking. People use E-cigarette with e-juice to inhale only odorless liquid inside. They select best …

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