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Top 5 Exercises To Stop Neck Pain

If you are suffering from chronic neck pain then the key reasons responsible for the pain are neck muscle strains, wearing of the neck joint, meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis. The result of all these reasons is the stiff muscles in both your neck and shoulder and it will limit your mobility as well. But, with the help of certain exercises, you can treat your neck pain. If you want to treat your neck pain, let me discuss top 5 exercises you can incorporate into your regular exercising schedule or you can also do them while you are in your office.

Shoulder Shrugs You can do this exercise either while you are standing or in a sitting position. In order to do this exercise correctly, you will have to keep both your upper arms in a straight position on either side of the body. Raise both your shoulder upwards and then downwards. You need to do it a couple of times, but the only thing you have to ensure is that you need to do it slowly. You have to raise your shoulders as high as possible a…

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