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Staying Fit Even With Joint Pain: The Top Exercises

Trying to keep fit and healthy when you have joint problems can be a real challenge. Our joints go through a lot everyday, so it’s little wonder that so many of us end up showing signs of general wear and tear in this respect. Painful joints are often linked to age, but there are also some medical conditions than can affect the wellness of your joints, no matter how old you are. Arthritis, cartilage damage, and even gout can all play a role in any pain you experience in your joints. Living with any of these conditions (plus the much more that can also cause you joint pain) can have a knock-on effect on your ability to stay in good shape. Perhaps you have always sworn by high-octane, intense workouts to stay fit and healthy, such as HIIT or long-distance running. Or maybe you have a passion for weightlifting, which in turn, relies a lot on having strong, able joints so that you don’t hurt yourself. Painful joints can sometimes mean that you have to give up these types of activities, a…

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